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Suzhou Sihong Filtration solution Co., Ltd established in 2013 is located in Wujiang City, Suzhou city china. We have been Specializing in nylon weaving mesh products which are able to provide filter accuracy from 5 micron to 1000 micron.The products are widely used in medicine, food,wine filters and chemical industry.

Main products: Laser cutting and ultrasonic welded filter fabric products such as rosin press bag, squish bags, nut milk filter bag, laundry bag,wine filter bag, paint filter bags and welded mesh tube for filter are provided. All filter products are food grade with CE and FDA certification.

To guarantee the quality of products from our factory. laser cutting machines and ultrasonic welded machines are working in our factory.

We have been engaging in food filtration for years and will continue to  provide better service for you. Welcome to contact us.

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