How to replace the refrigerator water filter?

How to replace the refrigerator water filter?

Feb 22,2022
Replacing a refrigerator water filter is easy, but that doesn't mean you won't have problems.

Before replacing the refrigerator filter, you need to know what type of refrigerator water filter is.
There are three main types of water filters:
Push-in filters are built into the device. Plug-in filters are usually easy to install. They usually fit into a compartment inside the refrigerator. These types of filters are usually located at the bottom of the front, behind the grille, or inside the upper right.
The Twist-in filter is usually located inside the top right of the refrigerator and has a button release or a simple spin release.
The in-line filter is installed on the back of the refrigerator. They usually appear on older models or refrigerators that don't have built-in filters.

Once the filter type/location is determined, follow these basic steps to replace it according to your filter type:

Push-in filter:
Press the "eject" button or unscrew the filter cap to remove the old filter.
Remove the filter cap from the end of the filter you are replacing to reuse on a new filter.
Align the arrows on the new filter and filter cover. Turn it clockwise to snap it into place.
Keep pushing in the filter until the eject button pops up.
Make sure the lid is secure.
If you have a refrigerator water filter light, reset it.

Twist-in (basic grid) filters:
Locate the filter cover in the bottom grill; turn it to the left to remove it.
Slide the filter handle on the end of the filter to replace it for reuse on a new filter.
After removing the new filter from the packaging, replace the filter handle and screw it into place.
If you have a refrigerator water filter light, reset it.

Twist-in (internal) filter:
Find the filter inside the top right of the refrigerator.
If there is a lid, push or pull to open the lid.
Rotate counterclockwise to remove.
Insert the new filter and turn it clockwise to lock it in place until it stops, or you hear a click. Make sure not to twist too hard!
If you have a refrigerator water filter light, reset it.

Install the inline filter:
Turn off the cold water supply.
Between the shut-off valve and the refrigerator, find an easily accessible part of the tubing. Use a pipe cutter for copper/plastic to cut the pipe. Cut squares out of angles to avoid leaks. If necessary, smooth cutting edges or filing with steel wool.
Remove the end cap on the filter and insert the pipe. Press and hold the end cap to lock in place.
Turn the water supply back on.
Put the filter on the bucket and let the water run until it is clear. Do this for both ends of the filter.
Always check for leaks before pushing the refrigerator back into place.
Repeat steps 3-6 when replacing the inline filter.
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