Refrigerator water filter replacement signal

Refrigerator water filter replacement signal

Aug 4,2021
Most Americans know that household refrigerator water filters can reduce various pollutants lurking in the water. However, not everyone has taken the necessary measures to purify their drinking water. The new refrigerators on the market today can easily filter water because most of them have a built-in cold water dispenser.

Maintenance and regular replacement of refrigerator water filters are the key to keeping drinking water fresh and pure. In addition to the better taste, other benefits of the refrigerator filter system include saving money and reducing the waste of bottled water. At present, most people know that the refrigerator water filter needs to be replaced regularly. When do we need to replace it?

Six months have passed since you last changed the filter
The indicator light on the refrigerator is on
The water dispenser takes longer than usual to fill a glass of water
The smell of water is interesting
Ice smells funny or looks cloudy

The above signs indicate that you should replace the refrigerator water filter. An effective refrigerator filter can bring you healthy drinking water. You must replace it when the alarm sounds.
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