Take you to know about household water filtration system

Take you to know about household water filtration system

Aug 4,2021
Do you know that not all drinking water is safe? Many people may get sick from drinking contaminated tap water!

One possible reason for this situation is the aging drinking water infrastructure. These have caused contaminated water to flow into many American households.

This should be a good reason for your investment in a water purifier. The household water purifier system not only makes the tap water safer, but also tastes better. It can help reduce the health risks of unsafe water by removing many pollutants contained in unsafe water.

The question is, how exactly do water purification or filtration systems work? What unwanted things can they remove from the water?

Today, in this article, I will take you to understand what you should know about household water filtration systems.

1. Household water filtration system and water purifier system
Most water filtration systems use at least two "screens": a pre-filter and a main filter. The pre-filter captures and traps larger contaminants such as silt, sand and sediment. Then the main filter screens out finer particles such as chlorine and heavy metals.

The water purifier can accomplish all of these, while also removing other elements that the filter cannot remove. For example, a reverse osmosis (RO) system can "purify" all minerals in the water. It does so by forcing water through a semi-permeable membrane.

In other words, it is best to know the ingredients in tap water accurately before buying a filter or purifier. The water quality test will provide you with a detailed view of the contaminants in the tap water. This will help you make a better choice between water filter and purifier.

2. Both types of systems can prevent toxic chemicals and heavy metals
From lead to arsenic to chlorine-all these are dangerous chemicals found in tap water. One of the common denominators is their association with the development of cancer. This means that drinking tap water increases the risk of cancer for you and your loved ones!

The good news is that household water filtration systems or purifiers can remove most of these chemicals.

3. Water filters and purifiers have different pollutant removal capabilities
Other carcinogenic chemicals, such as radium and uranium, may also be present in tap water. Standard water filters may not be "fine" enough to capture these chemicals. If the water quality test shows that you do have radium and uranium, then a reverse osmosis system may be your best choice.

However, if you want to invest in an RO system, be sure to consider purchasing a "remineralizing agent". This will replace healthy minerals, such as fluoride, that are lost due to purification.

What if your water mainly contains chlorine, chloramines, pesticides or pesticides? Then the catalytic carbon filter may be sufficient to meet your needs. This type of filter can also help reduce excess minerals in the water, such as sulfur, iron, and magnesium.

4. RO system and some water filters can also protect you from pathogens
Bacteria and viruses in the water can also cause infections and even lung problems. Fortunately, microfiltration can remove a variety of bacteria and protozoa from water. These very fine filters are very effective against Cryptosporidium and Giardia. They are also quite effective in removing Salmonella, E. coli and other bacteria.

However, when it comes to dealing with viruses, microfilters are not that good. The reverse osmosis system can remove these, as well as protozoa and bacteria. If your water is tested for all these pathogen types, a reverse osmosis system may be your best choice.

5. There is a water filter/softener combination unit
If you also have hard water in your home, you can buy a filtration system equipped with a water softener. This will help remove most of the dissolved minerals in the water. Remember, hard water can damage pipes and water-using appliances.

Buy a water filter or purifier to get safer and more delicious water at home
These are the key facts you should know about household water filters and water purifier systems. Most importantly, they can help protect you and your loved ones from contaminated water. You just need to test your water to find out what you want to "filter" or "purify" them for.

By understanding the ingredients in the water, you can choose the system you want to use more wisely.

Are you ready to make your tap water less polluted and improve its taste? Then be sure to understand the wide range of water filters and purifiers!
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