Smart refrigerator maintenance tips

Smart refrigerator maintenance tips

Aug 27,2021
Refrigerators are often used in our lives. If they are not properly maintained, the refrigerator will be broken and need to be repaired. The cost will be high. If we pay attention to maintenance in our daily life, it can increase the service life of the refrigerator. , I have carefully sorted out some maintenance tips for refrigerators for everyone. I hope it will be helpful to you. Welcome to check it out.

Clean the inside of the refrigerator regularly
If the refrigerator is used for a long time, the smell in the refrigerator will be unpleasant, and bacteria will even breed, affecting the original taste of the food. Therefore, after the refrigerator is used for a period of time, the food in the refrigerator should be taken out and the refrigerator should be hygienic. Of course, for refrigerators with photocatalyst deodorization and sterilization functions, the air in the refrigerator will be fresh and clean without any peculiar smell, so you don't need to clean the refrigerator frequently.

Check the gasket on the refrigerator door
Gaskets or refrigerator seals can prevent cold air from flowing out of the refrigerator. If the gasket is damaged, your refrigerator will work harder and try to adjust the temperature. This may damage the motor.
To ensure that the gaskets of the smart refrigerator will not crack, be sure to clean them with a toothbrush. Apply warm water and baking soda, gently scrub and seal. If you find the seal is broken, please check your local hardware store to replace it.

Clean the compressor and condenser regularly
Compressors and condensers are important refrigeration components of refrigerators. If they are stained with dust, they will affect heat dissipation, which will shorten the service life of the parts and weaken the refrigeration effect of the refrigerator. Therefore, check whether they are dirty regularly, and clean them if they are dirty. Of course, the use of a refrigerator with a completely flat back design does not need to consider this issue. Because the condenser and compressor of the hang-back refrigerator are exposed to the outside, they are easily stained with dust and spider webs. The condenser and compressor of the flat-back refrigerator are built-in, so the above situation will not occur.

Replace the refrigerator water filter
Another thing that is often forgotten when maintaining a refrigerator is to replace the refrigerator water filter. If your refrigerator can make ice or has a water dispenser, this is an important maintenance technique. Water may contain heavy minerals or contaminants, and if it is not filtered, it may be harmful to your health.

Replacing the refrigerator water filter is very simple, because it only requires you to remove the old filter and replace with a new one. Make sure to get a filter that matches the brand of smart refrigerator. After replacement, please remind yourself to replace it within six months or when the water dispenser starts to run slowly.

Correct use of refrigerator temperature controller
For some mechanical temperature-controlled refrigerators, the temperature controller on the refrigerator must be used correctly, and the temperature should be adjusted according to the actual needs of the variety and time of the stored food. Under normal circumstances, it can save electricity by putting it in the mid-range.

Note, avoid putting hot food in the refrigerator, as this will greatly increase the temperature of the refrigerator. Wait until the food becomes slightly hot to prevent drastic changes in temperature.

Take care of your smart refrigerator now
Maintaining your smart refrigerator is not difficult. In fact, most refrigerator maintenance techniques can be carried out on a regular basis and will not take you too long. So don't hesitate to start maintaining your refrigerator!

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