Water is important

Water is important

Sep 14,2021

We all know that the only place where we humans live is the earth, but do you know? The most precious resource on the earth is water resources, and 70% of the earth is surrounded by water. If humans had no water resources, they would probably not be far from extinction.

Water is a precious resource necessary for human life. To give a simple example, we need water to eat every day, to drink water every day, to wash clothes, to use water for the growth of plants, water for food that humans eat, and so on. If water does not meet these basic living conditions for people, then human life will be like, one can imagine.

60% of the human body is water. The importance of water to the human body is self-evident. Our human blood contains a lot of water. Once people become dehydrated, they will be on the verge of death. Therefore, scientists have stipulated that each person must ensure that they consume 2500 milliliters of water per day in order to ensure the normal physiological metabolism of the human body. So water is very important for people to live.

Of course, planting also needs water, and one of which is closely related to human beings is human food. Crops like wheat, corn, soybeans, sorghum, and rice grown in the land are inseparable from water irrigation. Without water, they would not grow or grow grain. In this case, if humans do not have food to eat, it is still Can you live?

Water is the source of life. The growth of all things and the operation of the world require the participation of water resources. Since water resources are so important, why don't we cherish water resources? We often see people waste water in our lives, such as: leaving the house without turning off the faucet, throwing away half of the mineral water after drinking, and the single wasteful use of water resources... Although there is anyone else in our lives who can use it, but we It is often reported in the news that there are many people in Africa who do not need water. If each of us can save a little water every day, then we can help them live a better life and even save a life.

Water resources are so important, and the protection of water resources has reached the point of imminence. Protecting water resources requires everyone to make efforts. In other words, protecting water resources is protecting human beings themselves.

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