Why remove lead in drinking water

Why remove lead in drinking water

Aug 4,2021
Before we discuss further, let's first look at some reasons why it is necessary to ensure that drinking water is free of lead. Both adults and children are at risk of lead poisoning, and both are affected in different ways.

The impact of lead poisoning on children
Because of the way lead affects development, children are at greater risk of being affected by lead in water. Here are a few ways that lead affects children:

Brain Injury
Physical development delay
Low IQ
Attention barrier
Behavior problem
Many of these conditions are permanent and have lasting effects on children who drink lead-contaminated water.

If you have children or are considering having children soon, you need to make sure that the drinking water in your home is safe for them. Not only the water you drink but also the water you shower will be affected.

The effects of lead poisoning on adults
Adults must not be immune to lead in water. In fact, there are three serious conditions related to lead exposure. these are:

Cardiovascular death
Kidney problems
If you are already at risk for any of these diseases, it is especially important to ensure that your water is free of lead and other contaminants.

How to know if your house is at risk

If you are not sure how much you should worry about lead poisoning, the best way to know if you are in danger is to see when your house was built.

All houses built before 1986 or whose pipes have not been replaced since then are at risk of lead in the water. Although most houses built after the 1950s did not have lead pipes, until 1986, lead soldering was still common.

Regardless of whether your home is at risk of lead contamination, installing a filtration system is still a good idea. Other heavy metals and chemical pollutants have also been found in the water supply system. Filters can remove these heavy metals and chemical pollutants to improve your drinking water. To be sure, you can conduct a water quality test at any time, but beware of fraud. There is an easy-to-use water quality test kit that can determine the true composition of the water.

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