• Know what a P65 warning is? Jul 29,2021
    In California or elsewhere in the United States, you may have heard or seen the P65 warning. But what is a P65 warning, it may not be very clear. I only know that the label or sign that shows this warning looks scary. This is to let us know that we may be exposed to harmful substances. P65 warns that they have been around since 1986, and even if you haven't noticed them before, once you learn abou...
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  • Refrigerator water filter replacement signal Aug 4,2021
    Most Americans know that household refrigerator water filters can reduce various pollutants lurking in the water. However, not everyone has taken the necessary measures to purify their drinking water. The new refrigerators on the market today can easily filter water because most of them have a built-in cold water dispenser. Maintenance and regular replacement of refrigerator water filters are the ...
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  • Take you to know about household water filtration system Aug 4,2021
    Do you know that not all drinking water is safe? Many people may get sick from drinking contaminated tap water! One possible reason for this situation is the aging drinking water infrastructure. These have caused contaminated water to flow into many American households. This should be a good reason for your investment in a water purifier. The household water purifier system not only makes the tap ...
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  • Why remove lead in drinking water Aug 4,2021
    Before we discuss further, let's first look at some reasons why it is necessary to ensure that drinking water is free of lead. Both adults and children are at risk of lead poisoning, and both are affected in different ways. The impact of lead poisoning on children Because of the way lead affects development, children are at greater risk of being affected by lead in water. Here are a few ways that ...
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  • How to remove lead in water Aug 4,2021
    As we all know, the presence of lead in water can affect human health. Removal of lead in water is a very necessary operation. Let us understand the three best ways to remove lead from drinking water. As you will see, all three methods can eliminate many other impurities in the water supply to ensure that you only drink water when the glass is filled. 1. Reverse Osmosis Osmosis is the act of movin...
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  • Enjoy refreshing and clean water Aug 19,2021
    When you wake up in the morning and walk to your refrigerator, you want to quench your thirst with cold. It is not refreshing and refreshing, but smelly and tasteful water, which will affect the good mood of the day. But don't worry, if this happens, you can easily get fresh, refreshing and delicious water by replacing the refrigerator water filter. Your refrigerator is one of the most common and ...
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  • Smart refrigerator maintenance tips Aug 27,2021
    Refrigerators are often used in our lives. If they are not properly maintained, the refrigerator will be broken and need to be repaired. The cost will be high. If we pay attention to maintenance in our daily life, it can increase the service life of the refrigerator. , I have carefully sorted out some maintenance tips for refrigerators for everyone. I hope it will be helpful to you. Welcome to che...
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  • Popular ourfilters blog platform Aug 30,2021
    Ourfilters is an online store that specializes in providing online refrigerator water filters and ice machine water filters for American households. Today I will take you to learn about some of their popular blog homepages, which can let you know more about drinking water, refrigerator maintenance, refrigerator water filters, etc. 1. Picture sharing https://www.pinterest.com/ourfiltersfridge/ 2. A...
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  • Water is important Sep 14,2021
    We all know that the only place where we humans live is the earth, but do you know? The most precious resource on the earth is water resources, and 70% of the earth is surrounded by water. If humans had no water resources, they would probably not be far from extinction. Water is a precious resource necessary for human life. To give a simple example, we need water to eat every day, to drink water e...
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